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I’m not dead!

Hello friends! Things have been quiet here but for good reason. I finally moved to Columbus with yowulf and blanksy and couldn’t be happier! I still have a lot of unpacking to do, so please bare with me.

As of today, I am officially freelancing full time with costume orders! Again, I will no longer be taking sculpture commissions, and will only be selling premades. 

Thanks for sticking it with! Expect this account to be updated with costumes, progress photos.etc shortly. I have a lot of exciting costumes being planned as well :)

Anonymous: What is the lowest you will go for that LEGO cosplay?

I put about $200-250 dollars into the costume and to be honest, I am hoping to get at least the amount I put into him :)  I am totally low balling myself, but seeing as the money will go straight into making another costume, I don’t mind, lol.

But do know that I put a LOT of time into this costume. I hope that helps you come up with a fair deal!

Of course, this doesn’t include shipping! Thanks for asking!

I need to sell my Benny costume soon! He will be ready to go by the end of August, and I am now accepting offers! I would normally keep him, but I am making other large costumes, and I need space in my small apartment!

I am 5 foot 2 inches, but they costume can easily fit someone larger. The costume is built to last and is even coated in fiberglass resin and matting. The costume will be fully repaired before shipment! If he doesn’t have a buyer before August, he will be auctioned off!

Interested or have any questions? Pop me an ask, or email me at noemiromero.inquires@gmail.com Spread the word if you can! Thanks!

Anonymous: Can I still commission a sculpture from you? A want one of Toothless. Can you make him?

Unfortunately, I am no longer open for sculpture commissions. I am currently very busy with college and our new puppy. I want to use my free time to get better at sculpting, learn new techniques, build a portfolio, and get faster before opening them again. I’ve been so occupied by getting commissions that I haven’t been focusing on learning more about sculpting! Oh no!

My apologies! I will still be sculpting. I will be selling finished sculptures and resin casts until I feel as though I am ready to open them again.

Super duper quick drawing of Baymax from Big Hero 6 because I already fell in love with him :’)

Super duper quick drawing of Baymax from Big Hero 6 because I already fell in love with him :’)

awkwardly-yours: Hi I saw your awesome lego costume at Colossalcon (I was no face ) and I wondered what materials you used. I want to make a lego batman

Thanks so much! And ah! Were you the No Face I took photos with? Because if you were, you were adorable! Definitely one of my favorite costumes at the con.


Benny was mainly constructed out of cardboard, chipboard, and insulation foam. All cardboard and chipboard parts were sealed with resin and the feet were fiber-glassed for durability. Insulation foam was carved to shape (helmet), covered in spackle, sanded, and brushed on with layers of gesso before priming and painting.



One of us is completely funded and ready to finish our dream of going to college but we need your help to get the other to college too! We hate asking for assistance but we were alerted today that we have until July to pay these sudden fees from our community college or we are in big trouble! 

Long story short, we had to drop classes last semester and we were hit with $700 each in fees. In order to transfer to Ohio State University, we need to pay these fees or our credits won’t transfer and we would to retake two years of college again.

We have great prizes for people who donate, including illustrations from me, sketches from our roommate, blanksy, and even custom figure maquettes from Noemi!

We cannot thank you all for you support, kind works, signal boosting, and donations. You are all extremely generous and kind people and we are so blessed to know you all! I am hoping I have business corgi vinyl stickers after my con and I would be HONORED to send each person who has donated a sticker!

Want to read our story and perhaps donate? Please follow the link below:



One of us has been funded! You guys are so amazing! Please signal boost so we can get the other twin up and ready to go to college again. We love each other a lot and want to go in the same time :’)

Wow wow wow! Just $105 away from our goal! :’D I am so overwhelmed with joy! Please friends, signal boost! We are so close, I think I may cry!

I’m trying to save up for my move and shooting to freelance at home :) Seeing as my Lego Benny Costume was overwhelming popular, I thought I’d offer Lego Head commissions!

Heads will be constructed to last! Vision is through the mouthes (excellent vision, by the way!) and airy. I will seal all heads to make the waterproof as well. Hand carved.

Prices will range from $200-250+ plus shipping, depending on difficulty of the character. I can generally finish them within a few weeks depending on commission queue! Interested in a full Lego costume? Message me for a quote!

I will only be taking one or two of these for the summer.

Note or message me at noemiromero.inquires(AT)gmail.com

This is what happens when you yell SPACESHIP to Benny.

Everything is Awesome at Colossalcon 2014! Dancing with tornadocondoc who was such a spot on Ellen Degeneres!

Video taken by Skyler Bloodrain!

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