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As promised, you now have a chance to win this hand-made Gravity Fall’s Dipper maquette/ figure. :) 

He is made with galvanized wire, aluminum foil, and Sculpey Firm on a wooden base with sculpted details. He’s been painted with Vallejo model paints (no cheap acrylic here) and sealed with some clear coats. Details are sculpted in (except pine tree on hat). 8 inches tall.


  • Likes and Reblogs (once per day) count. 
  • No giveaway blogs, please. I check!
  • Follows not necessary.. but appreciated if you like my work and wish to view more. I am strictly an art blog.
  • Ask box must be open.
  • Shipping is free in the United States and Canada. Due to careful packaging, I can ship to other countries if you can help (you don’t need to pay the entire postage fee). We can work something out as well if you have cool art, things.etc ;)TheMysteryofGF kindly offered to pay for international shipping so anybody can get this figure for free!

This giveaway ends July 12th in honor of the new Gravity Falls episode. Make sure you get your entries in before the show actually starts (EST).

Good luck and feel free to send me questions!


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